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Yes, it's true, Everette has an apartment at the velodrome.  It's a bit spartan, 'cold as a well-diggers ass' in winter, very hot and humid in the summer, and noisy; it gets really noisy on Friday, or some times Saturday, nights; you just wouldn't believe!   It is sorta like hundreds of people stomping on the roof all at the same time.  Makes it very difficult to get any sleep.  But it is very convenient and it comes with free utilities, including ten urinals.


Well...All good things must ultimately come to an end!

At the end of the 2006 velo season Everette gave up his apartment at the velodrome. Going to really miss those ten urinals. Yes, all things must come to an end!

The time I spent with the Lehigh Valley Velodrome as a volunteer was not only rewarding; it was life changing.

I first joined the velodrome volunteers in the spring of 1999. Originally I was an usher directing season ticket holders and reserved seat customer to their seats on the finish line. I was positioned in the center of the grandstand and the view of the races was fantastic.

After that first year, I was assigned to the 'Season Ticket Holder Gate', just to the left of the ticket booth. This 'special' gate was for Season Ticket Holders only. A great idea and I had a ball greeting the season ticket holders and getting to know them, if not by name, then by personality or by their unique greeting. On one special night I dressed as a clown and boy was that an experience. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, except perhaps Nancy Seay, who was deathly afraid of clowns, much to my chargrin.

Then I joined the Velodrome Security Staff. Security was essentially the designation for keeping people out of places where they didn't belong. No muscle required! I served at the 'Rider Gate' or on the 'Bridge' or "Bridge Troll" as it was often called. Then the Velo Deck was built and about that time I was given the position of 'Volunteer Coordinator for Security'. As the Coordinator, I scheduled other volunteers for specific assignments to various positions requiring security personnel. I always assigned myself to the new 'Velo Deck' so that I could keep an eye on the alcoholic beverages and replenish the wine, beer, or soda to insure that the VIP guest were adequately accommodated.

In time, I took over the stocking and setting up of the 'Velo Deck' to relieve paid staff from that responsibility. I made sure the 'Velo Deck' had adequate soda, wine and beer and was replenished as needed through out the evening to insure that the Corporate VIP Client and their guest had there needs supplied. I took pride in my duties on the velo deck and additionally made sure that the volunteers under my supervison were covering their assigned task and had adequate breaks, water and resources necessary to fulfill their assignment with the minimum of disruption.

This past fall, October, 2006, I resigned from further involvement with the Lehigh Valley Velodrome. My reasons for doing so were personal. I thoroughly enjoyed my association with the velodrome over the eight seasons that I was associated with the organization. Most of those years were enjoyable and rewarding. I am greatly indebted to the velodrome staff and the cycling community-at-large. I made so many friends and became acquainted with so many caring individuals during my time at the velodrome; friends and acquaintaces that will never know how much they effected my life. The impact that these caring and loving individuals had upon my life can not be measured, not in human terms. There were always individuals that were there for me when I needed them most. They went out of their way to visit me when I was hospitalized, or they sent cards, or made phone calls. They were always there, whenever I needed them. The death of my wife, the bout with viral pneumonia, the accident that resulted in a broken hip, the knee repalcement surgery, not just once, but twice; they were always there! They were always there; some I don't even know their names, yet they were there! I can never forget them, even those whoese names I don't know, for they expressed their love and devotion through words and actions. I have never felt more loved and appreciated than when in the company of the cycling community at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

I am truly greatful to every one associated with the Lehigh Valley Velodrome that ever reached out to express their appreciaton for my contributions over the years; or inquired about my well being. I am indebted to every individual that became a friend, in the truest sense of the word, and there are far too many to mention by name; truth be known, I don't know all of your names, but you know who you are! I appreciate you and all that you did for me over the years. I value your friendship. I wish I knew how to express my gratitude to each and everyone that had an impact on my life. All of you had an impact in one way or another and it was always positive.

While it is very tempting to single out a few that had an unusually strong, profound, and lasting impact on my life; those that I spent hours with at various times of the day and night, in various places, and under different circumstances; but I will avoid the temptation and simply leave it with the sincere sentiment that I am truly grateful to each and every individual that in some way and at some time had an impact on my life. I am profoundly grateful!

And thus, I end my career as a 'volunteer' with the Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

If you frequent the velodrome during the regular season, you will surely see me there. Be sure to say Hi! or to at least give me a friendly wave, it will be appreciated.

                                                               With Love and Appreciation, Everette

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