"Rocky Mountains"
Landers Peak
Oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York
Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902)




My Web Sites

An explanation of the content of each web site is shown below following the listing of web sites.

An explanation of each of the above links follows:

Attala County, Mississippi MSGenWeb—It must be obvious that I have an interest in Attala County, Mississippi. My Carr ancestors migrated from Virginia to North Carolina to Alabama and ultimately to Bear Creek in Attala County, Mississippi. So I maintain three web sites for Attala County devoted to genealogy, the Attala Historical Society, and the Bear Creek Church and Cemetery. The site dedicated to the History of the Bear Creek Primitive Baptist Church is important to me because it is where my great-great grandfather was active and my great grandfather was a minister. Most of my ancestors are buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery in Attala County, Mississippi.

The Nome Census Area, Western Alaska, is a genealogy site that I created for the American Local History Network. This site list the history of the Eskimo villages and towns that are located on the western slopes on the Bering Sea. General information about Alaska is also shown. My interest in Alaska dates back to the time (early 1950's), that I spent in Alaska while serving in the United States Air Force.

The Carr Family—This site represents my earliest efforts at creating a web site. Hopefully, I have made considerable progress since that early effort. But I maintain it without modification to remind me that we must all start fresh and learn as we go.

Nancy's Web Site—Nancy's web site is another early effort. Nancy was, before she passed away, my loving and devoted wife of forty years. The web site, which was created before she died, displays her talent as an artist. All of the examples shown were done in charcoal, but her talent extended to oils, pen and pencil drawings, sculpture and just about any medium she attempted.

Tribute to Nancy—The tribute to Nancy was done after her death and was intended to memorialize her life. It does not do her justice. She was a wonderful and loving wife, a true and faithful friend and devoted companion. She was a loving and devoted mother that would have willingly given her life for her children and wanted only the best for them. She was a doting and loving grandmother that wanted to be known as 'Grand' (short for grandmother). She idolized her grandchildren and spoiled them rotten. She is greatly missed. Everyone who knew her is truely blessed for simply having known her.

Wiseman's of Mississippi—Nancy's mother was a Wiseman before her marriage. This site traces the ancestry of the Wiseman's, Blacks and other ancilliary lines of Lee and Pontotoc County, Mississippi. The only two male descendants of the Black ancestery fought in the Civil War and never returned to their native soil. The exploits and histories of the units to which they were assigned are explored and the battles in which each lost his life is detailed. If you have an interest in Civil War history you might want to investigate this portion of the site.

Carr / Leith Family History—The Carr Leith Family History site is a work in progress. It is the primary family site that traces the family history of both the Carr and Leith family lines, as well as the ancillary lines, as far back in time as records and research presently allow. This is a fairly new site and what information is available at this time will be added to as time permits. This site as is the case with the Attala County sites was constructed from scratch using plain text, html coding without benefit of any web site software.

The grandkids sites—Although four were intially created, two have fallen by the wayside from lack of interest and use. Insufficient visits to keep them active. I will, as time permits, attempt to recreate them.

Kratzer—Kratzer Elementary School remembers 9-11. It was a great tribute to the memory of those that lost their lives on 9-11-01. Sebastian Pompa, a Cub Scout was one of the honor guards selected to participate in the ceremony. He is the one in the blue scout uniform. It was a memorable occassion and a wonderful tibute to the memory of those that gave their lives in the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

The Harrell's of West Point, Mississippi—A site created for Cousin Robert and Caroline Harrell and their family.

Lehigh Valley Velodrome—The Lehigh Valley Velodrome needs no explanation. I am dedicated fan of the velodrome and the sport of cycling and this is my tribute to the facility and the sport. Unfortunately, time constraints do not allow me to keep it as current as I would like.

Nicole Reinhart—Nicole was a an extremely talented young cyclist and a wonderful human being who died tragically in a cycling accident, doing what she most wanted to do and what she was exceptionally talented at. This is a feeble attempt to pay tribute to her youth, her enthusiasm, her talent, and her spirit. She was truly an inspiration and the web site falls woefully short of giving her the praise and admiration that she deserves.

Becky Conzelman—Becky is a talented and inspiring cyclist. After mastering and conquering most other venues of cycling, she set her sights on track racing and at an age when most would never attempt to conquer a new venue, she tackled it with avengence and, although there were disappointments and bitter defeats, she continued her pursuit of excellence and proved herself worthy and capable of overcoming any and all obstacles. A true champion if there ever was one. Becky is also a friend and one of my favorite people.

Fuji Bikes—John Lucas and Everette Carr set out to impress upon Fuji that two elderly men that rode Fiji bikes could be good spokespersons for Fuji and the sport of cycling at an advanced age. Fuji did not buy into it, but did provide some conciliatory rewards. Fuji...your loss!

Air Products Night At The Velodrome—Everette and John Lucas under the Friday Night lights at the Velodrome. It was an experience not to be forgotten.

"Vintage Bikes"—A web site created for Tony Brown entitled "Vintage Bikes". Tony is a very talented individual that rebuilds vintage bikes. He and I exchanged e-mails after he visited my velodrome web site. At some point, I offered to create a site for him to display his rebuilt 'vintage' bikes. Bear in mind that Tony and I did not know one another and had never met. It was a year later that we finally came face to face and subsequently we see each other several times a year, although most of our communication continues to be via the Internet.

Turner DNA Project—The 'Turner DNA Project' is a site created for Nancy Grogan of Canton, Mississippi. Nancy and I have never met. We are very distantly related by marriage (which means we are not related at all) and through this tenuous connection, we established an internet relationship which eventually evolved into my creating a web site to make it easier for her to administer the 'Turner DNA Project' which she volunteered to manage. Isn't technology wonderful? On March 14, 2005, Nancy Grogan passed away unexpectedly.

Nancy Carole Turner Grogan
August 20, 1943—March 14, 2005.
Nancy, you will be greatly missed.

Union & West End Cemetery—A love of American history and being a self-proclaimed "student of the American Civil War" and a chance meeting with the late Ernest "Whitey" Eschbach, Sr., in the Union & West End Cemetery, Allentown, Pennsylvania, caused this site to come into being. Whitey was a member of Chapter 190 of The Order of Purple Hearts and a World War II veteran. Whitey provided the list of veterans buried in the cemetery. With Whitey's list, I spent a great deal of time in several libraries and after much research on the men, their units and the various unit's histories, and with the passage of several years, the site that I had envisioned eventually came to fruition. Unfortunately, Whitey passed away before the project was complete. This site is dedicated to to the memory of "Whitey" Eschbach. Subsequently, I volunteered to help maintain the cemetery by cutting grass in one section of the cemetery. In June, 2005 I was elected to the Board of the Union & West End Cemetery Association.

57' Chevy, Kiddycar's Web Site—A fairly new site created for a miscellaneous collection of web pages. You could find most anything on this site. It is a hodgepodge collection of this and that. It was created primarily to amuse me and to acknowledge events or people I have come to admire.

'Attack On America'—This one should be fairly obvious. I created this site within weeks after the Attack on America, September 1, 2001. The site contains a series of photographs taken on the day of the attack. You probably have seen some of them. It is graphic and there are a lot of photographs from different perspectives and different angles. Even if you do not wish to view it in it's enirety, Be sure to check out the satellite view taken about a week later.

Union and West End Cemetery Blog—I explained this one above with the link. I was afraid no one would come down here looking for an explanation about a cemetery blog. I think you will be surprised.



Blackguard Bewilder
'Blackguard Bewilder'