"A Murder on the Grill"

Kansas City, Missouri

A Murder Mystery Party
Sunday, August 21, 2005

The 50's - hula hoops, hot rods, black leather jackets. It was the birth of Rock 'n' Roll and backyard cookouts. The setting is the suburban home of Tom Dooley in Kansas City, Missouri. Tom, owner of a local car dealership, 'Honest Tom's' and master of the charcoal grill, has invited his friends and neighbors over for a barbecue and Rock 'n' Roll party.

A sudden thunder storm sends his guest rushing into the house while Tom stays behind to finish cooking the chicken. When the squall ends, Tom's guest return outdoors to find his lifeless body lying beside the barbecue and the chicken burning to a crisp. It is a case of cold-blooded murder over a hot grill.


Johnny Angel, a mechanic who can fix anything on wheels. When he is not covered in engine grease, Johnny is cruisin, chicks in his 57 chevy.

Bobby Sox, Tom's sweet little sister and the national hula hoop champion of 1958. Dooley would have done anything to keep his sister from getting into trouble...poor little fool.

Chubby Cheddar, a Rock 'n' Roll musician who's finally made it big in the music biz. Chubby's twisting and shouting in his quest to become a Rock 'n' Roll legend....but how low will he go?

Barby Q, the dazzling blond divorcee who's got it all: an IQ of 140, an itsy bitzy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini and heartaches by the number.

Ivan Spudnik, a Russian rocket scientist who recently defected to America. He has high hopes of becoming a successful American capitalist.

Tiara Diamond, Tom's pretty fiancee and the newly crowned Miss Kansas City. Tiara is burning with passion to win the state beauty pageant and move on to fame and fortune. And she's doing it all her way.

Johnny Angel
                                                      Bobby Sox
                    Chubby Cheddar
Barby Q
Ivan Spudnik
Tiara Diamond


Blackguard Bewilder
'Blackguard Bewilder'