Maycee, Willow Brook Farms, Catasauqua, PA

These videos reside at YouTube, not on a web page or web site with no added whistles and bells.

Maycee video10     This video has not been edited.

Maycee video20   This video has been edited - no sound.

Maycee video30    This video has been edited with music dubbed in.

Video 20 is probably the one to use (no sound) for your trial video. Take note that on YouTube you can view in "Full Screen" format by clicking on box in lower right of the video box.This is also true for the video on my web site.

That is, assuming you are not displeased with the video quality.  Now that we have had a practice run, we could both probably do better.  Perhaps with fewer distractions and the doors closed.  The open door allowed too much light to bleed in.  Having access to the rules, requirements, upload procedures would also be helpful.



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