An Update in Kelly's Own Words

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I had my LAST chemo treatment today, Wednesday, January 10th. Now, I must wait 3 weeks before starting radiation. I have an appointment on February 2nd for my initial consultation with the Radiation Oncologist. It is then that I will learn such things as how often? how many treatments? and when this ordeal will come to an end.

All in all the chemo treatments weren't horrible. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't recommend it as a recreational sport. I did have my bad days when I couldn't even think about eating. Thankfully, that only lasted about a week. One more week to go!

My hair was really thin in the beginning. Then when I had surgery and a month off from chemo I grew really nice, thick hair. It was very short, obviously, like a little puppy; I called it my puppy hair. Well, now after my third chemo treatments and going into my fourth, my hair has started falling out again. This time it's more significant. I am definitely going to be a baldy. Nothing but skin! Right now I look more like a Chinese Crested Hairless dog. I have a few bald areas and some areas that have hair.

Tracy and all the kids enjoy rubbing my head. I do wear a wig when I go out in public. When I am at home or at Tracy's, I generally take off my coat and hair and stay awhile! Dad has already told me he wants to take a picture of me when I am completely bald. I am sure that would be an interesting addition to my web site!


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