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Watercolor Painting by
Teresa Auer Rasing, 1973

The problem with putting off-site fun links on ones web site is that they have a tendency of going away. There was the site with the 'singing horses' that was real neat. And I really enjoyed the one with the 'flying penquin'. You tried to hit the penquin with a baseball bat and timing was everything, or else he didn't go very far. You had to pay attention to the angle so as to maximize the slide on the snow for distance. But, alas in time these sites go away. We will try to check these links often so as not to continue to carry broken links. Enjoy!

October13, 2006 - Friday the 13th uuuhhhh! Removed several non-working links and added Halloween Hangman. The remaining links are all working as of this date.

Halloween Hangman  Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.
Halloween Hangman created by The Dimenwsion's Edge, Inc. Press "Play". Be careful it is additing.

Kaleidoscope Painter
Have loads of fun with Kaleidoscope Painter, but be careful, it's addictive. Be sure to change the brush size and swirl as you move outward. Saving your work is not an option unless your computer is equipped with image capture. But do you really want to save it?

Snow Ball Fight
Snow Ball Fight is a target shooting game where you try to score points, but you must not hit Santa. Hit Santa three times and the games over!

Take Me Back To The Sixties
Your speakers must be on; this is a must to enjoy this show. You also might need to set your screen resolution to '1024 X 768', a little larger than most of us are used to. If your like me, your browser is set at '800 X 600'. Don't know how to reset screen resolution? Right click anywhere on your desktop and select 'Properties' on the menu. In the window that opens click the 'Settings' tab and then move the slider one position to the right, then click OK. You don't have to be my age to enjoy this 'Return to the Sixties, but being over forty would be helpful. This is not interactive, so just sit back and enjoy the show!

A woman from inside out
This is from a Brasilian web site. It is a flash drawing of a woman from the inside out. It is amazing and you will be mesmerized by the experience.

Pipe Cleaner Dance
You should enjoy the music, but I bet you can't resist moving your mouse to make the pipe cleaner dance in time to the music. Try it!

"Beer - Good - Natural".
Well if you like beer you will enjoy this commercial (Podcast)



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Blackguard Bewilder
'Blackguard Bewilder'