Andy Taus - International Commissaire "Extrairdinaire"

Andy Taus
UCI International Commissaire "Extraordinaire"

Andy Taus received his officiating license in 1973 and since that time he has reached the highest ranks of officiating. Andy has been certified as a Commissaire Grade A, accredited by the UCI, the international governing body of cycling based in Switzerland.

Over the course of his career, Andy has (as of August 2004), worked 38 UCI international championship competitions, including six world championships, three Junior World Championships and eight World Cups.

Back in June 1997, the USCF established a Racing Rules Committee. It is the commmittee's responsibility to review existing rules, proposed rule changes and rule interpretations. Andy Taus was named to this committee at its inception.

At the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, in Athens,Greece, Andy served in the capacity of event secretary for all Olympic cycling events.

Andy retired from Air Products in 2001 but continues to be active in cycling, locally and on the international scene. He can frequently be seen officiating at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome in T' Town. His wife, Marilyn may also be in the infield as she too is a certified official. Andy and his wife, Marilyn have three grown children and reside in Allentown, Pennsylvania.





Photograph - Andy at the 2004 Olympics, Athens >>>             

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Early Andy Taus photograph - T' Town


Andy Taus' Professional, Cycling and Cycling Official Resume


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