"Valley of Yosmite"
Oil on board
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902)

Music: Theme from 'Dances With Wolves'


Some people come into our lives
and quickly leave,
while some stay awhile,
leaving footprints on our hearts
and we are never the same.




A Blackguard is a rascal, villian or scoundrel.


A Bewilder puzzels, confuses, perplexes, dazes and dazzels.


A 'Blackguard Bewilder' is a rascal, villian or scoundrel that confuses, perplexes, dazes and bedazzeles.

Site Purpose

This site attempts to do just that; confuse, perplex, daze and dazzel. Here you will find all sorts of random, fortuitous, enchanting and whimsical encounters. Many chance happenings to charm and delight with things out of the ordinary. It is hoped that we don't disappoint.


At one time, this site had a Guest Book. It was a nice guest book, but the provider suddently went up in smoke and the Guest Book disappeared without warning and all of the messages were lost. There were some truly great comments and I am distressed and deeply sorry that they are no longer available. Since the early impressions of the first visitors to my site have been lost, I made the concious decision not to include a new Guest Book. Sorry! But, you can always e-mail me if you have something significant you want to share with me. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the ride!



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Blackguard Bewilder
'Blackguard Bewilder'